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1 Billion Monthly Users…YouTube Hits it in 8 Years

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An insane number. Roughly 10x the viewing audience of the Super Bowl. Every month. Top search engine company Google announced this week that it not only hit that number, but now supports YouTube searches in its Google Trends program. This move signals that more and more people are doing video searches rather than traditional web Continue Reading

Sales Prospecting With Social Media: Achieve Your Revenue Goals Today

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Are you thinking about using social media to achieve your sales goals? A July 2012 study by the Aberdeen Group, states that sales intelligence can enable sales reps to be 79 percent more likely to attain their quota, while organizations that leverage social intelligence programs are 21 percent more likely to achieve revenue growth. There Continue Reading

Nasaece ristique orci ferode fereaseras

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In pellentesque laoreet tincidunt. Aliquam purus lorem, feugiat non tincidunt eu, vulputate nec magna. Quisque arcu orci, sodales at consectetur in, posuere id nulla. Maecenas a ipsum et orci vestibulum aliquet eu ac mi. Duis neque elit, pulvinar sit amet posuere quis, placerat vel libero. Fusce cursus tellus magna, ac fermentum elit. Etiam ut scelerisque Continue Reading