Search Engine Optimization

SEO: Are you getting your money’s worth

SEO-assessment-300x250Search Engine Optimization can be one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your business, but it can also be the biggest budget and time suck if you don’t focus on two things: Your goals and your customers.

Often times clients come to us looking for an easy way to generate leads, but the response often times is, “What value are you providing to the prospect to make them want to do business with you?”

Although Google is constantly changing their algorithms and processes, a big part of optimization knows what you want a customer to do once they get to your web site. Download a paper? Set up an appointment? Educate themselves? Without focusing on the customer as a part of your SEO, the customer is likely to leave your website as soon as they get there. When evaluating an SEO program and the cost required to build an effective one, it is important to address both the technical and the “touchy feely” part of customer engagement. We can help you with both.

The objective of SEO is to rank a website in the Top 10 position in the major search engines. Since Google is the number one search engine worldwide, most optimization will be done targeting Google placement. Other leading sites such as Yahoo or Bing use similar techniques and will also benefit from the optimization. SEO is conducted through both on-page ( and off page work (links, sitemap submissions, article submissions, etc.). Below are the services typically performed in an SEO campaign:

On Page Optimization Off Page Optimization

On an ongoing basis, the MarketBurst team will optimize your website to improve search engine rankings, and drive targeted visitors to the main web page. During the first month, we will focus on on-page optimization:

On-page optimization includes:

  • Keyword research
  • W3c validation and site optimization
  • Mapping/url allocation
  • Title tag, meta description tag, meta keyword tag, heading tag, alt tags and image optimization
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.XML
  • Duplicate title and meta tag check
  • URL canonicalization (301 url redirect)
  • Broken links check
  • Keyword density and content optimization
  • Search engine friendly url optimization
  • Google analytic, and Google and Bing webmaster setup
Off page optimization after the first month will encompass building links targeting the chosen keywords using the following techniques:

  • Monthly microblog, directory, and social bookmark submissions
  • site creation and maintenance
  • Loading assets and back linking from Web 2.0 properties
  • Squidoo lens creation and maintenance
  • Website blog creation & posting (at additional cost)
  • Posts to document sharing sites
  • Image and video sharing (provided by the client)
  • Development of hub pages
  • Geo-location listings (based on project requirements)

Note: required articles can be written via a combination of those submitted from clients, from MarketBurst or from external writers. Those written by MarketBurst may incur additional costs.

Custom programs are available that may include additional keywords and phrases, an integrated social media program, content creation, video development and other programs.

Measuring Success

On a monthly basis, we will monitor for improvements in search engine rankings for the chosen targeted keywords. After establishing keywords, additional tactics will be added to further improve rankings. As SEO is not a one-time effort, it is suggested that a six month period be used for optimization (3 for testing and 4-6 for content additions and new techniques).

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