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How Citations, Ratings, And Reviews Help Your SEO Campaign

Heading out to a new restaurant? Looking for a place to stay during your vacation? Are you considering buying a product? Ratings & reviews are even more important than you may realize—even Google loves them because they provide fresh and relevant content about your business.

How does a search engine work? The 10,000 foot view.

How does a search engine work? Different search engines have their own proprietary code designed to search for relevant data and information specific to the search term or query. But generally the big 3 (Google, Bing, Yahoo), utilize the same basic principals for each Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They work using 3 techniques:  Web Crawling, Indexing Continue Reading

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

We are constantly on the lookout for best practices to follow to make sure that your brands are always ranked best when it comes to Your Search Engine Rankings! Here is a popular SEO Periodic Table of Factors form SearchEngineLand that outline some best Practices that we agree with ! Click the image below for Continue Reading