Reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction with custom chatbots and virtual agents

Chatbots will be responsible for cost savings of over $8 billion annually by 2022, up from $20 million in 2017

(Jupiter Research 2019)

Chatbots allow for humans to interact with artificial intelligence. These may include a robot that automatically responds to messages entered by the user in the chat. Some even trigger actions based upon requests of the user, such as resetting passwords, making reservations or creating helpdesk tickets to solve customer issues.

MarketBurst has a team of developers specifically trained to enable businesses to utilize a robust, company-specific chatbot application with the ability to integrate with your website, Facebook, messenger, Slack, Skype, Twitter and more. This is accomplished via architecting and deploying chatbots (aka virtual agents) refined for specific customer requirements.

How can a chatbot help your company?

  • Effective: Reduce customer service complaints, helpdesk tickets, and lower level support calls
  • Fast, automated answers to most questions. Their use prevents customers from waiting a day or longer to receive responses as they would have in the past.
  • Chatbots are always available, even when you are not. They can answer multiple questions at the same time, work 24 hours a day, and can therefore reach more people which can increase your customer base, serve greater numbers of people and increasing productivity while reducing costs.
  • Reduce costs versus staffing for low level items (No vacation time, sick days, or contributing to a 401K. It won’t become injured on the job or require medical treatment),
  • Reduce errors: Humans handling customer service questions and other issues can make errors. Bots don’t.

No question even the smallest startup can benefit from a chatbot. Our cutting-edge solutions satisfy our clients’ needs and propel their business to the next level. Are you ready?


We love building chatbots for our customers and we love learning and educating about best practices and industry solutions. Give us a call or chat with us to build the best chatbot in the industry.