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Why Use Marketburst Content Writing Services?

Every piece we write is well researched and written to generate leads, educate your audience and increase your brand presence.

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    Yes, I’d like to rank higher on Google, generate more sales and increase my brand presence? Learn more about our SEO plans and rates now!”

    Get unique content that serves the readers’ intent and ranks in Google. Our team of writing experts works with you to provide value-written content that drives readers and conversions. Here are just a few reasons why our content writing services stand out:

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 1

    Results Driven

    Our writing team optimizes the content from blogs to web pages to generate interest and rank you on search engines.

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 2

    Well Researched

    We get to know your customer, company, and industry before writing an article to make it stand out in your field.

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 3

    Quick Turn-Around

    You set the deadline; we surpass your expectations. We can turn articles, web pages, press releases, and more in as fast as 24 hours.

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 4

    Talented Wordsmiths

    Our writers are selected based on your needs. We have several writers in-house, and we have access to experienced, passionate people who specialize in your market.

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 5

    We know SEO

    As one of the leading SEO companies , we set the standard for search-optimized content. Keyword research and integration, internal and external links, follow tags, and more targeted to rank and increase visitors to your website.

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 6

    We’ll load it up for you too…for free.

    Have a website, blog, or other platforms where you want to host your articles? We’ll follow your template’s style and publish the piece at no additional cost.*

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 7

    Competitive Pricing

    Cost-conscious with a quality focus. Bring us your budget or even your competitive pricing, and we will do our best to match it. If you don’t have a current price, we’ll help meet your budget.

    Our 3-step quality control process

    Creative content writing in dallas fort worth tx


    Collect And Curate

    Once you place your order, we will assign one of our expert writers to research and curate the information needed to understand the topic, search intent and messaging and then create an outline for the piece.


    Research And Write

    Our US and Canadian-based writers will compose the ideal piece to align with your outline and goals

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 8
    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 8


    Research And Write

    Our US and Canadian-based writers will compose the ideal piece to align with your outline and goals

    Why use marketburst for your creative content writing? 10



    A dedicated, English-speaking proofreader will review and edit the piece, ensure it meets the objectives of the piece, and then run it through proofreading software and other tools to assure each article is perfect before we send it back for approval.

    Search engine-friendly content that ranks!

    Content should grab your attention, educate, and move people to act. Inspire your customers and create opportunities to learn more. Not only will we provide compelling information:

    • We will integrate the latest in search engine optimization techniques
    • Integrate multiple calls to action
    • Load your content for you (If you’d like)*

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      Types of content we can write for you

      Our clients ask for both digital and print content. These requests generally fall into three broad groups: Textual content, Multimedia content, and Other contents. Below are some of the types of pieces we write:

      • Interviews
      • Personal bios
      • Press release
      • Product reviews
      • SEO pages
      • Surveys
      • Newsletters
      • Predictions
      • Product pages
      • Q&As
      • Success stories
      • White Papers
      • Blogs
      • Comparisons
      • Factoids
      • Funny stories
      • How to
      • Infographics
      • Best practices
      • Case Studies
      • eBooks
      • Featured articles
      • Guides
      • Industry research

      Frequently asked questions about our content writing services, answered.

      Can you help us with a content strategy?

      Absolutely. We are a full-service agency offering complete outsourcing services, including strategy and campaign implementation. If you are looking to create a content strategy that tells your story or educates your clients about your market and business, we can conduct a live strategy session and create a program that meets your needs.

      How is your content optimized for SEO?

      We know that a well-written article is not enough to rank you on Google’s SERP rankings. We spend time and effort making sure your content has the right keywords to stand out from other articles. Within the article, we make sure to keep SEO optimization in mind so people can find what they’re searching for! We will write not only your content but assure optimal keyword density, compose metadata, including related social media posts for backlinks, and more.

      How do you handle content revisions?

      Content is typically provided in Google Sheets to provide live edits and even interactive editing. We offer free revisions to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

      Do you use article spinners or any other software-generated content?

      You’ll be surprised to know that many SEO companies and content writing agencies use machine-read article spinners or other software to generate your content. We use American and Canadian native English speakers to provide customized articles for your business. We also assure your content is plagiarism-free.

      How much information do I have to provide, and how is it collected?

      One of our account managers will contact you soon as you sign an agreement. They’ll go over the topics, titles, and keywords essential for writing great content! Remember – this isn’t an essay, so keep it brief and know that every word counts.

      What is your typical turn-around time?

      While we’ll try to work with your schedule, the entire process typically takes around 3-4 days for a 600-700 page article. This includes writing the article and a couple of rounds of reviews and approvals. White papers and in-depth research pieces will take longer, but we will work within your deadlines.

      Will you accept bulk orders?

      We can handle orders of almost any size. We can also work with you to develop a detailed editorial calendar and provide weekly, monthly, or quarterly pieces. We also offer discounts to clients who place bulk orders or use one of our supplemental services, such as SEO, web design, email campaigns, newsletter management, and more

      *This service is free for ongoing agreement using any marketing services. Content loading is only available for a content management system, such as WordPress, Shopify, Joomla. No coding will be done.