Google applies advanced AI to Search…and we are ready

  In 2021(and now in testing), Google announced a revolutionary way to use artificial intelligence or natural language (called MUM) to understand and process and answer complex search queries. At 1,000 times more power than the last search release, it has the potential to transform how Google helps with complex tasks. It not only understands language but also generates it, even across video, images, and audio. That means regardless of the format (picture, web page, audio, or video) it can understand it and process it in the search results so that search intent is optimally served and the user experience with the Google search is very high. Think of it like this…Which detergent is best to wash my car? Results: Here’s a comparison of car laundry detergents, a video on detergents for car washing, and brands of detergents to use for car washing. This is a huge release for general search results as well as eCommerce searches. A bit more about the release here on Contact us to learn how we are adapting search to meet this new release and we can help you generate revenue with SEO.

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