How citations, ratings, and reviews help your local seo campaign

How Citations, Ratings, And Reviews Help Your Local SEO Campaign

Heading out to a new restaurant? Looking for a place to stay during your vacation? Are you considering buying a product that you’re somewhat unfamiliar with? Here Local SEO comes in the role.

As a consumer, you’ve no doubt relied on reviews before purchasing a product. Therefore, it’s likely that you understand the importance of reviews as it relates to generating more sales, building consumer relations and increasing web traffic. However, ratings and reviews are even more important than you may realize—even Google loves them because they provide fresh and relevant content about your business.

Reviews And SEO: The Connection

The Search Engine Journal says reviews were the most important ranking factor for local SEO in 2017. How does this work?

If you’ve explored the possibilities of local SEO, then you’re probably aware of Google My Business, a prime opportunity for local business owners to land themselves on the front page of one of the billions of Google searches made each day. High rankings can do a lot to increase the likelihood of a Top 3 listing (the Google My Business listings that appear on the front page of a local Google search).

However, Google My Business is only one example of how positive ratings and reviews can boost your SEO campaign. Many local searches will yield popular review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor as their top results, so a presence on these sites will do wonders to increase interest in your company’s services.

 Statistics Don’t Lie

If you’re a numbers-oriented person (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), then you should pay close attention to the statistics related to the importance of citations, ratings, and reviews for your business. Among the most pertinent statistics:

  • About 50% of adults under 50 years of age will routinely peruse online reviews before making a purchase
  • In the eyes of many Americans, consumer reviews are even more important than government oversight
  • Nearly 40% of Americans consistently rely on consumer reviews before making purchasing decisions for products, services, or restaurants

Getting The Reviews You Need

Understanding that your company can benefit from reviews and ratings is one thing, but obtaining these reviews is a new task entirely. Some “marketing experts” may promise you opportunities for loads of positive reviews, but not all of these services are legal. Instead, companies like MarketBurst specialize in helping you to accumulate a quality portfolio of honest reviews that will land you high in the rankings of Google and other search engines.

Contact us at MarketBurst today to set up a reviews campaign. In no time, you’ll be generating excellent reviews for your website and creating a positive buzz around your services that will be sure to increase interest, improve your search rankings, and bring in new clients!

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