Increase lead generation with a call to action on your banner ad

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Want to increase leads or improve lead quality? A call to action (CTA) or “offer” on your banner advertising or on your own web site will help drive traffic and generate leads.Below are a few tips to creating more leads using an effective call-to-action: Make it obvious. Unless you make the ad look visually engaging, visitors may not see that the ad is clickable.  Make the CTA a different shape, size, color and font than the rest of the ad to make it stand out. Don’t overpower the page, but make it large enough to be noticed. Using rounded corners and white space will also differentiate it from the banner ad itself. Put it where they will notice it. Remember that most English speaking audiences read from left to right and top to bottom, so placing the banner and CTA itself above the fold, and in the top left position will grab a reader’s eye. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If one spot isn’t working for you, try another. You can also try arrows pointing to it or photos of people looking at the CTA, which causes the visitor to look in that direction. Examples of a call to action. Calls to action can differ based on your strategy and goal.
  • Some can be as simple as “Get a quote”, “Find out more”, or “Take a test drive”.
  • In many cases, the more serious leads are generated from offers that require some effort on the part of the reader (and some effort on the part of the marketing team as well). These can include ROI calculators, videos, white papers, and technical documents. The visitor could fill out a form to get your offer or can simply directly engage with the reader and then ask for contact information.
  • You also can use your social media networks and CTAs to get newsletter subscribers or followers. In this case, they can “like us on Facebook”, “opt into our email list” or “call now/talk to a human”.
If you don’t have these available to you, we can help. If you have your own ready to go, make sure the banner and offer lead to a landing page on your web site. This page can be as simple as a form to collect information or a thank you page to engage the visitor.  And lastly, follow up. You had something to offer a visitor, which caused them to engage with you. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

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