MarketBurst Announces Acceptance as a Yelp Certified Partner

MarketBurst Yelp Certified Partner

We’re thrilled to announce our official certification as a Yelp Certified Partner. This partnership strengthens our capacity to support our clients in greatly enhancing their local search visibility on one of the most vital platforms for local discovery. This initiative complements our proficiency in Google Business optimization and advertising, allowing us to drive more business for our clients.

Client Advantages

Becoming a Yelp partner offers numerous benefits to our clients:

  • Expanded Exposure: Utilize our partnership to amplify your presence on Yelp, simplifying the process for potential local customers to discover your business.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Our status as a Yelp Certified Partner enhances your business’s credibility on the platform, drawing in a larger customer base.
  • Specialized Support: Gain access to our expert strategies and insights for optimizing your Yelp presence, leading to improved outcomes.

Our Yelp-Centric Services

Our expertise and training in Yelp encompass the following areas:

  • Yelp Profile Enhancement: We’ll enhance your profile with engaging content and captivating visuals to distinguish your business. By leveraging our expertise in local search engine optimization, we’ll also ensure your Yelp presence is prominent in Google Search results.
  • Reputation Supervision: Our team will proactively manage your online reputation, fostering a positive and responsive image on Yelp.
  • Review Oversight: Stay updated with our review monitoring tools, enabling prompt responses to customer feedback.
  • Yelp Advertising and Promotion: Gain insights into the most effective ways to allocate your advertising budget through Yelp’s platform, whether through advertising campaigns or boosted profiles.

Get Started

To benefit from this fresh partnership, arrange a consultation with us. We’ll devise a customized strategy based on your business’s requirements and objectives, taking care of all aspects to boost your presence on Yelp.

For businesses wishing to enhance their online presence and attract more local customers, contact us to explore how we can help you accomplish your objectives.

Whether across the office or across the ocean, MarketBurst is the leader in outsourced marketing solutions worldwide. Contact us today.