Do you have a product without a plan?

Vital to the success of your organization is the building of a strategically focused marketing plan. However, over time, your communications efforts may become unfocused, internally focused or simply poorly executed.

MarketBurst can provide an objective, independent analysis of the impact, consistency, and appropriateness of your internal and external messages. Additionally, we can evaluate the staff, structures, processes, and agencies you rely on to create communications messages and materials.

The result is the formation of a strategic marketing plan or product / service campaign that drives your organization’s growth & success.

Types of strategic marketing solutions we offer

  • Customer win-loss analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Customer and prospecting focus groups
  • Strategic and communications planning
  • Message and media audit and analysis
  • Marketing spend effectiveness and marketing analytics
  • Messaging strategy
  • Staff and agency skill assessment
  • Consulting and staff training of marketing and sales teams / management
  • Competitive and best-practices message analysis
  • Communications and marketing organization design and work-flow processes
  • Software development: ROI tools, CRM specifications/implementation, secure portals, product selection tools and many more