Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Proactive pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns can deliver instant results. As opposed to search engine optimization (SEO) which can take months to see results, pay per click supplements SEO strategies by exposing your products immediately and directly to the audience you target.

Why outsource?

With the right tools and the right team, you can optimize your investment in media spend to reach your goals. Our complete, turnkey paid search service includes:

  • Keyword and key phrase-targeted ads that match contextual search and image ads
  • We create your ads and can even create your offers (white papers, coupons, videos, etc)
  • Local, regional, demographic, mobile or desktop targeting
  • Keyword benchmark testing – know what opportunities you are missing through either spend or targeting
  • Success reporting, lead scoring, cost analysis, audience analysis; all at your fingertips.

The process is as automated as you want it to be. Our goals is to get fast, targeted results that produce revenue for or brand presence for your company. Contact us today to get your PPC campaign running today.