New business starter pack: The benefits of an all-inclusive approach

New small businessStarting your own business requires sweat, tears, and a good marketing plan.

Most businesses don’t have one, and if they do, many don’t budget for the promotional material they need to get their business off the ground. You need a holistic approach.

To make it easy, we have bundled multiple offerings into easy-to-digest bundles that address a company’s needs at any given stage in its business cycle. The purpose being to:

  • Integrate a proven, integrated strategy that has worked across multiple markets, industries and individuals.
  • Assure brand & message consistency between multiple materials
  • Assure quality delivery as a lower overall costs due to close partner relationships & repeatability of processes
  • Provide an all-inclusive price that means you know what to expect
  • Simplify billing with a single vendor approach, but get the expertise of specialists

The following examples are for companies starting a new business and needing the basic setup of their. It is used to announce a business to customers, get found on the web, and be ready to support inquires and requests as thy happen. You can select one or all of the following options for custom package pricing:

MarketBurst Will Deliver Description
Branding strategy, business cards and letterhead We will work with you to develop a positioning document to base all of your messaging on and a logo for use on business cards, letterhead, and other material.  We will then design your business cards and letterhead for you and if needed, submit them for printing.
Web site Included in this package is a custom designed web site of up to 8 pages in length. We will setup your web site address (domain), your hosting provider, up to 3 email addresses, and will even help you write your content and provide images for the site.
Email (includes creative + blast) to align with your brand and web site, the MarketBurst creative team will develop a custom email template and write a business introduction email for you to use for new customers or prospective customers.
Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Setup your social media presence and market your company through a selected social media site then allow us to post your first blog, or tweet announcing your company to your target community.
Video production Introduce your company with style. We will produce one 30 second executive overview video   or voice-over-PowerPoint presentation and post to your website or social network.
Sales brochure You will be supplied with a custom designed, 4 page brochure that aligns to your corporate brand. File will be ready for printing, and can be printed for a separate charge.
Press release A 500 word announcement will be written and distribution via the web and 5 article publishing sites.
Presentation A 10 slide corporate overview presentation and template will introduce your company and it’s capabilities will be in your new corporate template.

Any bundle can be customized based on need or budget. For a description of each of our standard packages, or contact us to have one customized for your needs, contact us today