Product Marketing

Your great product deserves to succeed.

We assist companies and their product teams to enter new markets through industry-leading strategy and delivery. Our team excels at crafting Go-to-Market Strategies that steer innovative products toward success in new markets.

Utilize our proven methods and extensive experience in product marketing leadership to ensure the success of your product's journey!

Launch your products to market

Product marketing is essential for successfully bringing a product to market. Unlike traditional marketing communication, product marketing goes beyond promotion to encompass various crucial aspects. From developing the product's positioning and messaging to equipping sales teams with the necessary tools and mechanisms, our service ensures that your product is effectively presented to customers.

At MarketBurst, we take the time to understand your products, objectives, sales channel and strategy. We regularly conduct audits of your sales tools and gaps, then follow up with processes and templates to meet the needs of your sales team.

We provide support in developing:

  • The go-to-market strategy and project management of the launch process
  • Competitive intelligence and customer pain-point assessment
  • Product messaging and product positioning
  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Develop adoption and success metrics
  • Create product roadmaps that assure products remain relevant as the market evolves

We have experience coordinating almost team members inside of an organization to ensure alignment for launch content, including everything from demo decks to product screenshots, pricing, sales materials, blog content, landing pages, and website updates.

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