Sales Tools

Equip your sales team with the right sales tools to sell at each stage, making your sales team more efficient and increasing the chances of closing the opportunity.

Equip Your Sales Team with the Tools They Need

MarketBurst has developed a unique process and sales tool bundle designed to create value and business opportunities at every stage of the sales process. We help you develop the strategy and content and then create the tools your sales team needs to hit the ground running.

Getting Started with a Better Equipped Sales Team

  • Sales pitch, business development prompts & value propositions
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Competitive displacement strategy
  • Cost justification templates and calculators
  • Proposal and RFP templates
  • Implementation plans
  • Competitive battlecards
  • SWOT analysis

Have Questions?

Have questions about your digital marketing? Do you know what you need but don’t know how to do it? Contact us to discuss your business objectives with us to help you formulate a strategy that fits your budget.

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