Secure Sales Portals

Securely Communicate with Your Partners, Customers, and Sales Team

Sales portals are a great way to communicate with your sales team, your partners and your employees.

Portals allow you to share information, events, documents, videos, and provide support…all in a secure environment. They can be hosted on your own servers or with an external host. We have expertise in developing portals for any need. Although we can build in any software environment, we recommend SharePoint by Microsoft or WordPress as an open-source development environment. We can also build robust websites to allow you to reinforce your brand, sell products online, and generate opportunities for your sales force.

Let us show you what WordPress and SharePoint can do for you with
your own website, blog, or micro-site.

Some of the Technologies We Use Include:

SharePoint enables organizations to drive productivity and create cost efficiencies through a unified collaboration platform. The platform has been used by thousands of companies worldwide to easily share and publish information in a secure environment, increase productivity and information value, drive compliance and reduce risk, and enable fewer systems through the ease of integration. You can create a shared workspace for your team, perform version control of your documents, display Excel data in a database or graphical format, and manage projects with your team.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) and blogging tool with several fantastic features, including a plug-in architecture and a template system that allows for robust websites that can be upgraded quickly and easily.

As of August 2022 manages 39% of all new websites. It is currently the most popular blogging system on the Internet.

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