Strategic SEO Services that Change the Way SEO Companies Work

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There are a LOT of SEO players on the market today. Some offer services as low as $50 per month and others in the thousands. So, the question is often asked by prospective clients about how our approach to SEO is different than others in the market. What we consider a ‘new” approach to search engine optimization (SEO) can only be described as a “holistic”, meaning that it includes a marketing strategy approach and not just an SEO approach. This is very different than companies that do not offer other types of marketing support as part of their package. Here’s how our approach differs from the rest.

SEO is typically defined as the process of improving your website’s quality and quantity in search engine rankings. It increases search engine rankings by making your site appear higher on SERPs (search engines result pages). Utilizing natural or unpaid traffic rather than paid will help you reach new customers who are searching for what they need on Google every day! As a necessary component of any website, it helps to boost visitors and potentially turn them into customers.

The problem is that typical SEO companies only focus on two elements: Backlinking and generating high levels of traffic. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage from another site. Previously, backlinks were the primary metric for the ranking of a webpage. While it is still a ranking factor, it is only a minor part of SEO.

Traffic is an entirely different animal in that some companies offer to boost your traffic. The problem is that you don’t want all the traffic out there because there is a ton that will never buy from you or have an interest in your offering. For example, I can get you 1 million visits a year for almost no cost, but they may be from other countries, come from spammers or other vendors, or even come from Bots.  What you want is targeted traffic, not high-volume traffic. Ask yourself: Do you want 5,000 targeted visitors who are interested in your company or solution, or do you want 100,000 that don’t have any interest at all?

A Holistic, Targeted Approach to SEO

We have a unique, holistic approach to SEO that most others don’t offer. It is one thing to rank you and generate higher traffic volumes, and yet another to get people to click, engage, and purchase. The holistic approach handles all those stages of the search lifecycle and has one main objective: Generate sales.

Ranking search results comes from hundreds of different techniques, from website optimization, Google Business updates, content, and backlinks, to name a few. This is where most SEO companies leave customers behind.

“As important as it is for people to see your website pages rank on the first page, the goal is to get people to take action. We want them to click,” said Kevin Kohleriter, President of MarketBurst. “Getting people to click means treating page titles and content as two of the most important elements. Compelling headlines and meta descriptions, coupled with ratings and reviews, tell people what they will read and makes them want to read it. You can then drive them to the content they are looking for.”

After generating a “click” to the client’s website, the company found that good content with a bad layout reduces SEO performance. The company, therefore, starts every SEO campaign with website optimization. This means fixing broken links, making the site fast and mobile-friendly, and addressing design issues focused on converting web page readers into leads and leads into sales. This sometimes means revamping the existing site, creating SEO-specific landing pages, and formatting existing web pages to make key messages stand out from the rest of the copy.

Ongoing content writing focused on approved keywords and content marketing techniques used to generate traffic regularly.

Another element that differentiates MarketBurst from others is that ongoing maintenance of the website and regular data analytics reviews are complimentary and part of maintaining a healthy website and strong SEO program. That means site updates, edits and even functional improvements are included at no additional charge to the client.

The company is currently offering SEO programs on a local basis (restaurants, roofers, doctors, and more) and national basis (corporations), which means there are packages available for all types and sizes of companies.

Strategic SEO Services from MarketBurst can improve your business presence on search engines and grow your business. Contact us today for more information.

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