The Benefits of Working with an Outsourced Marketing Agency

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    Carrying out effective marketing that delivers tangible results has always been challenging, but in today’s age of quick information and the digital divide, businesses are continually reaching out to prospects and customers via multiple channels of communication. This requires individuals and teams alike to not only understand those marketing channels (ie how they get their information and what message to send via the channel), but the numerous software and platforms needed to reach them. That is a tall order for most enterprises, much less mid-sized businesses.

    Creating and then implementing an effective marketing strategy becomes more complicated when your in-house marketing team has too much on its plate already or doesn’t have the tools to execute data-driven marketing activities. This is where an outsourced marketing agency can help.

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    Specialists without the overhead

    Integrated marketing plans require integrated solutions. Social media, email, advertising, content marketing and more require knowledge of tools to enable the distribution of content as well as the measuring of success. For most small and medium businesses, ramping up a team of marketing specialists who can do all of these things is not a financially viable option. This is where a seasoned agency can provide a team of strategists, product specialists, brand managers, analysts, digital media specialists, and experienced copywriters who can address your vacancies and fill those gaps. They can formulate and deliver a winning marketing campaign, complete with all its content, creative and tactical elements.

    Improve Your Bottom Line

    The upfront cost of hiring an outsourced marketing agency can be higher that using your in house team, but think of it as a long-term investment. Working with an outsourced marketing agency for, say, six months with better ROI is more cost-effective than expanding your in-house marketing team while adding additional overhead. In many cases, however, your costs may be lower than hiring in house. For example, hiring a full time copywriter can cost anywhere from $45k to $65k per year plus benefits. Even at a cost of $100 per web page to write, you would have to write over 500 pages a year to just break even on salary alone.

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    You Get to Leverage Cross-Industry Experience

    Different industries and their respective markets require different marketing strategies. People who have served across multiple industries and developed a bird’s-eye view of the entire business landscape can determine what will and will not work for a companies marketing and promotional strategy. An outsourced marketing agency has that prized cross-industry experience and expertise to deliver guidance and strategy or bring in the resources for that expertise.

      Work with More Accountable and Objective Team

      For an outsourced marketing agency, its reputation depends on its accountability and objectivity. A good work ethic also serves as the best promotional tool and helps bring more assignments. Therefore, when you hire a well-reputed agency, you hire people who are already vetted for their marketing expertise. References, reviews, case studies and experience all prove they can perform and deliver.

      An outsourced marketing agency devises an efficient accountability regimen since it has to deliver quantifiable results in a particular time window. They keep you in the loop about their performance through marketing dashboards, KPI tracking, real-time sales funnel updates and executive summaries.

      This team also brings objectivity to the table that an in-house team cannot. Experts from this marketing agency can dissect your existing marketing strategy and provide objectivity that may not be available in-house. As an example, MarketBurst often will balance sales forecasts, marketing data and business strategy to determine what may or may not work in the future. Remove the “We have always done it that way” approach and inject 3rd party feedback and experience outside your organization.

      If you are looking for marketing support, MarketBurst can provide enterprise level experience and support with experienced, impartial marketing experts who will develop and implement integrated communication, marketing, and branding strategies that can grow your revenue.

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