Managed Email Campaigns

Time, money, or resources. Which one are you going give to make you successful. Many businesses just don’t have the time or in-house expertise to handle everything needed to make their email campaigns a success. If this sounds familiar,  we can help.

Why outsource?

We offer full, turn-key managed email marketing services to update your clients, educate them or create demand from your target audience. We do it all for you:

  • Strategic development and planning to meet your goals and objectives
  • Custom design, writing and email creation
  • Database acquisition for acquiring new targets
  • List management and upkeep – We will manage your opt-in and opt-out requests, ensure your mailing lists are current
  • Develop your custom offer, from white papers to videos, coupons to infographics
  • Test your creative and offers to optimize your return on investment
  • Automate responses from interested parties
  • Integrate social media and SEO to optimize the distribution of your message
  • Provide custom reporting with actionable data

Campaigns designed around you and your objectives. Let us help you grow your business, with email. Contact us today.